About US

About Us

Compliance Monitoring Systems, LLC. is the premier state-wide service provider in Montana for cost effective electronic monitoring, alcohol monitoring, home detention, drug testing and pre-trial services. CMS is the leader in the most accurate and innovative technology operable in Montana. CMS is the largest SCRAM service provider in Montana, providing 75% of SCRAM services throughout the state. We offer alcohol monitoring (SCRAM) for high risk offenders that is both evidence based and court accepted as well as alcohol monitoring for low risk individuals through Remote Breath testing, twice daily PBT’s, and semi-quantitative in-house EtG’s. CMS utilizes more than one manufacturer of electronic monitoring equipment so that we may provide the best solution for each agency’s unique demographics based on location, cell service, GPS signal and specific court/agency needs (GPS tracking and Home Detention). CMS has an in-house drug testing lab utilizing Siemens Viva E EMIT drug testing methodology (urinalysis lab) that allows us to process our own urine samples within minutes of the sample entering our lab. CMS is a local distributor for the PharmChem Drugs of Abuse Sweat Patch for individuals who are unable to travel for urinalysis or are in need of 24/7 drug testing.

Mission Statement

Through continuous monitored alcohol abstinence and innovative drug testing, Compliance Monitoring Systems is committed to effectively partnering with the criminal justice system and community agencies to promote and assist in the maintenance of a sober, responsible and accountable community while providing a cost-effective alternative to incarceration.